Sunday, August 13, 2017

Two Book Recommendations To Friend Larry Who's Becoming Interested In His Jewish Ancestry

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Dear Larry,

Your email recalls a juvenile novel titled "The Devil's Arithmetic" written by prolific YA writer Jane Yolen

Twenty years ago, I gave "The Devil's Arithmetic" to my academically uninterested niece and it proved to be the first book she couldn't put down.

Since it is critically important to let the central mystery of "The Devil's Arithmetic" unfold before your eyes -- without knowing in advance what's going happen -- I cannot urge you strongly enough to simply open the book and start reading. 

Don't even read the blurbs on the front and back covers!

Not a word!

And don't read ANY online reviews!

Don't go there.

Just buy or borrow the book -- all public libraries will own a copy or can get it for you through inter-library loan.

When you have it in hand, DON'T READ the front or back cover.

Just start reading Page 1.



PS Another brilliant children's book with a historically Jewish theme is "The Tie Man's Miracle."
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