Friday, June 28, 2013

Chief Justice John Roberts’s lesbian cousin getting married

John Roberts’s cousin getting married

Now that her cousin has written a Supreme Court decision making it possible, Jean Podrasky is planning to get married.
Chief Justice John Roberts’s lesbian cousin lives in California, where the court paved the way for gay marriage to become legal again by ruling that a case involving the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 did not have standing.
“I can now get married. I feel like my partner and I have been in limbo for several years. We’ve been engaged for a couple years, but now we can start planning,” she told Talking Points Memo.
Roberts’s cousin attended the court’s hearing on Proposition 8 in March; she got tickets from the chief justice. She pronounced herself “stunned” that Roberts sided with gay marriage advocates on Proposition 8 (although the decision could have gone further) but not on the Defense of Marriage Act.
Asked whether she would invite Roberts to her wedding, she said, “I actually don’t know … we don’t have our guest lists yet.”

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