Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fracked Gas and Solar Energy


The hype surrounding fracked gas obscures the reality of solar energy.

In Australia, rooftop solar is now cheaper than grid energy. 

The following two articles are eyeopening and encouraging. 

1.) "Solar photovoltaics will do to grids what mobiles did to telephony." David Crane, head of NRG, a New Jersey based integrated energy company with 29 traditional gas, coal, and oil power plants located across 11 states, including 9 in Texas.                   ///

2.) "In Australia, rooftop solar is now cheaper than grid energy."  Excerpt: "Dramatic improvements in the economics of solar power... has seen its cost drop 75 per cent in the last four years, and 45 per cent in the last 12 months alone."

NRG's David Crane is right. We are so focused on the nuts and bolts of solar energy production that we ignore solar's more transformative effects including a decisive shift from "grid centrality."

Once power shifts from oily guys (like Bush, Cheney and Arab sheiks) to unplugged "decentralists," there will be epochal change in the deployment of democratic political power, chiefly a shift from dependence to independence.

Currently, we are so dependent on central power that many citizens trample their own best interest in order to promote the "good" of powerful centralists, often referred to as "job creators."

Our highly-financialized economy produces relatively few "real things." Instead, putative "job creators" seek profits from arcane "financial instruments" whose "reality" exists mostly in cyberspace.  

I encourage you to see "Inside Job," Oscar-winning Best Documentary, 2011. "Inside Job" is freely streamable at  

Kevin Phillips, a Nixon adviser and co-founder of the GOP's "Southern Strategy," laid the groundwork for understanding "Financialization." 

To the extent that "job creators" invest in the production of "real things," they invest where profits are highest - China, India, Brazil, Russia and a host of "breakout" third-world countries. 

"Drill baby drill" looks ever more like trepanning.



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