Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why Do Public Health Researches Avoid The Most Important Issues?

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Dear D,

I have long thought that public health researchers ignore (or overlook) the study of "structural issues" that are critically-important and decisively-useful to the alleviation of human suffering.

I sometimes wonder if researchers' "absence from the academic battlefield" reveals a kind of Stockholm Syndrome in which the implicit threat of The 1% purse-holders makes researchers seek the sideline rather than undertake The Most Important Work.

Surely we can prove that The Assholes are Assholes before running the risk of electing another one. 

Assuming of course His Satanic Majesty doesn't nuke Pyongyang in a fit of sarcasm or because he double-bogeyed earlier in the day.

Here is an article (based in part on research at my Liverpool alma mater) that spotlights "the elephant in the room."

A Mad World: Capitalism And The Rise Of Mental Illness

I understand it is politically challenging/inconvenient to research Reality's "well-known left-wing bias" (to quote Stephen Colbert).

But it is also true that universities (and, by extension, Departments of Public Health) are liberal strongholds so that researchers might be pleasantly surprised by simply presuming such research is possible. 

Who knows? 

It might even be a cakewalk.

I hope you're continuing to have a great time on the west coast and think it's wonderful you've decided to prolong your vacation to witness the Total Eclipse with Maria and Julia when they fly up from Flagstaff.

Paz contigo


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