Monday, August 7, 2017

"The National Review" Alleges "Liberal Class Warfare"

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Alan: A horrific, record-breaking 33% approval rating does not "keep Trump afloat."

Hillary observed that "about half" of Trump supporters were "deplorable" and her assessment was not only true but kind.

To pretend that (white) working class people keep Trump afloat -- and to validate them rather than "name them" -- is to validate the very people whose support for The Deplorable One has put America at risk of "de-construction" - the stated aim of Chief White House strategist, Steve Bannon.

Drop the "con" from "de-construction" and we have destruction.

We can understand such intergalactic stupidity but we must not approve it.

Aggressive ignorance and bad religion call for condemnation.

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Whether by impeachment, declaration of ineptitude/incapacitation under The 25th Amendment, or at the ballot box, Trump will be ousted.

His ouster will be attributable to relentless resistance, much of it aimed at The Despicable One's barely-camouflaged brown shirts. 

Liberals’ Class Warfare on the Working Class Keeps Trump Afloat

The National Review

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