Saturday, August 12, 2017

Medical Miracle And The Wonders Of Chautauqua Institution

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Dear V and P,

Did I send you this link already?

If not, I find it flabbergasting.

Opens an eye-popping panorama.

"Bones, You Can Put That Tricorder Away"

An update...

The second half of August, I'll be in upstate New York with Jimbo, F, all four sibs and a number of nieces and nephews. 

Sister Janet has invited Jim, F and me to spend several days at Chautauqua Institution where I anticipate the same GREAT time I've had at Chautauqua on two previous occasions thanks to Janet's generosity.

For over 30 years, Janet has been part of Chautauqua's community for the last two weeks of their summer season. 

I encourage you to give CI serious consideration.

Chautauqua is an intellectual (and spiritual) summer camp for grown ups. (Children also welcome, although if they're not interested in "the main event" they can engage the kids' calendar.)

A thoroughly lovable place to be.



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