Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"How Climate Change Became A Question Of Faith," Christian Science Monitor

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New York City

How Climate Change Became A Question Of Faith

Conservative Christians Cannot Believe In Global Warming Due To Their Prior Belief That God's Providence Will Take Care Of Them | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Alan: The "conservative" "Christian" belief in the central importance of one's "personal relationship with God" disables them from believing that God would require "collective" political activity to avoid planetary disaster since a "providential God" will "take care of everything" beyond the reach of "the personal."

Conservative Christians aspire to keep their own "moral house" in order and believe that sole focus on "personal goodness" fulfills their obligation in a bilateral "covenant" with God who responds to their individual virtue by "taking care" of any-and-all overarching issues.

Just be a "good boy" (or girl) and Divine Intervention will "see to the rest."

Although we think of "rugged individualism" as a political posture, it is, in fact, a fundamental religious credo that cannot be compromised without the collapse of conservative Christianity's entire worldview.

God is providential... or He isn't.

For conservative Christians, "all" that matters is their "personal" relationship with God which, in turn, engages The Father's providential goodness so that any overarching political action that requires coordinated, collective behavior is not only unnecessary but anathema.

Can New York City Be Saved From Global Warming
Rolling Stone
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The Guardian: "John Oliver's Viral Video Is The Best Global Warming Debate You'll Ever See"

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Alan: When can we start calling Christian conservative denialism (and contempt for science) 
a clear-and-present danger to the integrity and health of the planet?

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