Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dialogue: My Stated Preference For Hillary In The White House, Not Nuclear-Phallus Dickhead

Dear F,

Thanks for your email.

People pay $600 to "wear" the Trump "brand" because most rich people are assholes.

The first thing money buys is social insulation. 

Big town-house with a wall. 

Or a country estate where the next neighbor's a mile away.

And once you're sealed off in your private pleasure dome -- your personal Xanadu -- it's literally (and figuratively) hard to "stay in touch."

Except masturbating.

And once you're out of touch, there's nothing much to do but play glamor games - the Kardashians comprising the nation's flagship seduction into nothingness.

A Mad World: Capitalism And The Rise Of Mental Illness

It is surprising that a fairly large number of the super rich remain decent people. 

But mostly, The 5% cling to "their" money, desparate to achieve their miserly goal by manipulating the media so that lifeless Dittoheads applaud their own oppression.

Aided by humankind's bedrock desire to be lied to, The 5% bamboozle the dimwits into thinking that one day "their number will come up," "they'll win the lottery," "their ship will come in."

Or Aunt Henrietta - against all odds and absent any proof of fortune - will leave them her hoarded millions.

One way or another, The Promise is that "the exploited" will become just like their exploiters.



On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 9:32 PM, FV wrote:

Dear A

As I watch the talk about its statement thanking Putin for decreasing the payroll and even today saying we are decreasing staff, I wondered why no one is asking about its loud claim that it is a job creator and ? jokes about hundreds of people losing their job. It touts the low unemployment rate as its doing and now it just added to the unemployment role. 

Rachel doing a great spot on how it defrauded NYC out of millions in the 80s 
by not paying monies owed in lieu of taxes and kept 2 sets of books and destroyed material as it kept auditors from entering the hotel for years.

Oh I can't wait to see what Mueller unearths. His team is heavier on the financial side than the national security side. Apparently, though it's Wash.hotel is at only 44% capacity, it's doing fine since it charges $6oo a night (more than even the poshest Wash. hotel) and for some reason there are people willing to pay.



On Aug 11, 2017 8:40 PM, "FV" wrote:
I agree! 

On Aug 11, 2017 7:50 PM, "Alan Archibald" <> wrote:

Right Now, There Is No One I Would Rather Have In The White House Than Hillary Clinton

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