Monday, August 7, 2017

Attorney Harvey Silvergate Argues That Every Professional Person Commits 3 Felonies A Day

Alan: For decades, I have argued that "everyone" is always  guilty of some crime - income tax deception being a ubiquitous default.
And now this...
"Three Felonies A Day"
"Attorney Harvey Silvergate argues that every professional in America inadvertently commits three felonies a day. I’m assuming that this number is much higher for a casino magnate who operates in, say, Atlantic City. My point here is that it’s entirely possible that Donald Trump never colluded with Russians, yet may have taken some liberties that a grand jury with unlimited time and resources—not to mention subpoena power!—might discover.
Think of it. A special prosecutors’ raison d’etre is to find something. That’s how an Arkansas land deal leads to a blue dress—which, in turn, led Kenneth Starr to perjury. There are reportedly 16 highly skilled lawyers working with Mueller on this probe. If he does find something that has to do solely with finances, how do you tell them him look the other way simply because it now looks like mission creep?"

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