Thursday, July 13, 2017

Please Telephone NC Senators Burr And Tillis Concerning "The Healthcare Deprivation Act"

Another Unhinged View Of Obamacare By A "Healthcare Deprivation Act" Supporter


Please telephone Senators Burr and Tillis to make known your opposition to the Senate "Healthcare" bill.

I made clear to both offices -- by way of Burr's answering machine and Tillis' secretary -- that I vehemently oppose this legislation whose true name is "The Healthcare Deprivation Act."

I also said that if either candidate votes for "The Healthcare Deprivation Act," I will donate more money to his future Democratic opponent than I have ever donated to a political candidate in my life - and that I will use all my power of persuasion to promote their imminent ouster.

It's crunch time.

If Trump and his fellow barbarians fail to pass their signature legislation -- despite GOP control of The Oval Office, both houses of Congress, The Supreme Court and 32 State Houses -- their manifest impotence will reveal them as the objects of ridicule they are.

Burr's office number is 202-224-3154

Tillis' office number is 202-224-6342



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From: Daily Kos <>
Date: Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 10:29 AM
Subject: McConnell would rather break the Senate to pass Trumpcare than admit defeat.

Alan, this is absolutely unprecedented.

Mitch McConnell won't let senators go home for the August recess, because the divided Republican caucus will crumble if senators face angry constituents who overwhelming despise this bill.

Trumpcare is the most hated legislation in thirty years. We have relentlessly voiced our disgust at the GOP plan to rob 22 million people of health insurance and hoard money for the wealthy. We've demanded the Senate reject Trumpcare and nothing McConnell does will shut us up!

Call Senator Richard Burr at (202) 224-3154 and Senator Thom Tillis at (202) 224-6342. Tell them we will make Senate Republicans' lives hell until they drop Trumpcare and move on.

Hello, my name is Alan calling from 27278 in HILLSBOROUGH. Trumpcare is failing. The American people have roundly rejected this bill. It's time to drop it and move on. Reject Trumpcare now.
After you hang up, click here to tell us how your call(s) went. 

Can't call? Getting a busy signal? Sign and send a letter to your Republican senator demanding they let Trumpcare go.

Mitch McConnell's single-minded obsession with repealing Obamacare is a danger to us all. Republicans have tried and failed to repeal Obamacare for seven years. A reasonable man would give up. McConnell would rather break the Senate to ram through Trumpcare than admit defeat.

Let's drive home the message to Senate Republicans. Call  Senator Richard Burr at (202) 224-3154 and Senator Thom Tillis at (202) 224-6342. Tell them nobody wants your lethal healthcare plan!

Click here and tell us how it went.

Can't call? Getting a busy signal? Email your Republican senator right now and tell them to reject Trumpcare.

Keep fighting,
Irna Landrum, Daily Kos

Daily Kos, PO Box 70036, Oakland, CA, 94612.

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