Monday, July 10, 2017

58% Of Republicans Say Colleges Bad For America; 85% Say Free Press Is Detrimental

Majority Of Republicans Say Colleges Bad For America. And 85% Say Free Press Is Detrimental

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Compendium Of Best Pax Posts On Aggressive Ignorance - Proud, Boastful, Evangelical

Alan: Americans who dedicate themselves to aggressive-ignorance-and-dimwit-denial despise education because vital learning propels realization that knowledge is superior to self-induced stupefaction and its ugly twin, strident opinionization. 

Dulled by self-righteousness and presumption, "the aggressively ignorant" hunker down behind self-imposed stonewalls of stupidity. 

Should their oblivion ever be breached -- "the benighted" would, as night follows day, realize that their intellectual indolence -- well-practiced since Middle School -- renders them irresponsible citizens... doltish annihilators of ecosystems necessary for prosperity... and addeled anarchists who undermine democracy in favor of spiteful (and often hateful) theocracy, larded with lickspittle idolization of plutocracy.

John F. Kennedy On The Linchpin Responsibility Of The Educated
(Malala Weighs In)

Malala Yousafzai Graduates High School And Celebrates Her First Tweet

The Hard, Central Truth Of Contemporary Conservatism

The hard, central "fact" of contemporary "conservatism" is its insistence on a socio-economic threshold above which people deserve government assistance, and below which people deserve to die. 

The sooner the better. 

Unless conservatives are showing n'er-do-wells The Door of Doom, they just don't "feel right." 

To allay this chthonic anxiety, they resort to Human Sacrifice,  hoping that spilled blood will placate "the angry gods," including the one they've made of themselves. 

Having poked their own eyes out, they fail to see that self-generated wrath creates "the gods" who hold them thrall.
Almost "to a man," contemporary "conservatives" have apotheosized themselves and now -- sitting on God's usurped throne -- are rabid to pass Final Judgment

Self-proclaimed Christians, eager to thrust "the undeserving" through The Gates of Hell, are the very people most likely to cross its threshold. 

Remarkably, although they are prone to believe all manner of Trumpeted nonsense, none of them are tempted to believe in their own spiritual peril. 

The Pharisees Are Always With Us.
Here's What They "Look Like" Today

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