Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cartoon: The GOP Controls Every Branch Of Government. So What About Their Battle Cry Issue?

Alan: On the surface, the GOP controls The White House, The Supreme Court and both Houses of Congress. 

Against this impressive backdrop of putative political power, the GOP is no longer a single party. 

Instead, it has become an umbrella organization for backstabbing factions which hate one another more than they pretend to hate Hillary Clinton.

These fractious factions are so hostile to one another that they are incapable of making "common cause" to "repeal" Obamacare or to "replace" it, the most adamant campaign promises ever made to the American people.

The GOP, like its S-Trump-et constituents, is essentially counter-productive and self-destructive.

This crippling discord is without precedent.

It will soon be clear that the cannabilistic factions within The Republican Party have less in common with one another than McConnell and Ryan's Republican Party has in common with "The Party of Lincoln." 

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