Tuesday, July 4, 2017

America's Violent Birth As Predictable Prelude To Politics As Blood Sport

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Alan: I have long held that there was no justification for The Revolutionary War

Instead of polluting America's "well" at the source, The Colonies could have bided their time til the mid-1800s (as the Canadians did) and independence would have been granted without a drop of spilled blood. 

All of America's Founding Fathers were wealthy men who needed a tax cut no more than contemporary plutocrats need one.

The proof is in the pudding.

By that measure, Canada became a preeminently civilized nation... while the United States degenerated into neo-barbarism, with every good thing subverted by spiteful, supremacist yahoos.

"America's Violent Birth: Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised That U.S. Politics Is A Blood Sport Now"
by Holger Hoock, author of "Scars Of Independence: America's Violent Birth"

Dark Violence And Atrocities Of The Revolutionary War

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