Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Roe v. Wade Saves Lives. More Importantly Liberal Societies Have The Fewest Abortions - By Far

A human zygote in the 8 cell stage.
Human zygote.
Human Person?
(Any room for democratic debate?)

Alan: Thomas Aquinas - and most other people, whether their backgrounds are "sacred" or "secular" - have long believed that a fetus does not qualify as a human person until "quickening" occurrs.

"Quickening" refers to that moment when a pregnant mother first feels movement from her fetal offspring. 

The assumption that a fetus is "ensouled" from the instant of conception is a rationally dubious proposition and a very recent "act of faith."

Consider the cell cluster above and notice your reflexive assumption that this biological mass is not a human person.

Roe v. Wade Saves LOTS Of Lives

Alan: Since one pillar of Christian cruelty is the conservative belief that guilty people deserve death, these twisted believers feel pleasure whenever a women die from sepsis, a frequent sequel to illegal abortion.

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