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"You've Been Trumped": A Documentary On Devious Donald's Imperious Takeover Of "Scotland"

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"You've Been Trumped"
Award-Winning 2011 Documentary:
How one man's shameless quest for commercial success led to a juggernaut of deception, slander and hardness-of-heart.

Alan: I study Mr. Trump closely and by my lights there is no single resource that reveals his sociopathic vility so insightfully and so powerfully as this Scottish documentary. 

"You've Been Trumped" is a revelation of biblical proportion.

"You've Been Trumped"

In the past, links to "You've Been Trumped" have "gone dead" with disappointing regularity. Hopefully, the Vimeo link above will continue to provide access. 

However, if this Vimeo link breaks, you can view the trailer at 

"You've Been Trumped" is a decade-long study of Trump's unswerving determination to destroy anyone who stands in his way because s/he stands in his way. 

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The steamroller of Trump's destructiveness and piggish inhumanity is so transparently garish in "You've Been Trumped" that even Trumpistas will be ashamed of their "hero". 

Of course, not every Trump supporter will "repent" but there will be enough converts that this time "Orpheus" will return from Hades with a whole convoy of "Eurydices."

Trump's in-your-face solipsism takes delight in the perpetration of deliberate harm.  

His ability to malign opponents -- and to do so convincingly -- is the diabolical device par excellence that guarantees Dishonorable Donald's vapid "success" by destroying opposition with a toxic brew of clever misrepresention, narcissism and megalomania. 

Ironically, Trump's followers mistake The Deplorable One's foundational weaknesses for strength.

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Although the following mini-documentary (probing this same Scottish issue) lacks the sparkle and depth of "You've Been Trumped," it too reveals the unspeakable baseness of Despicable Donald, a "man" with no moral compass who is completely opaque to The Common Good, The General Welfare and just plain decency.


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